Rental property owners often ask us how to market properties. If they want to hire us, they want to know what we do to get their listing in front of prospective tenants. Today, we’re talking about how we market your property at Cavalier Estates, and what you can do when you’re ready to look for a tenant.

Marketing Rental Property on the Cavalier Estates Website

We use our website to market our available listings. We have a page of property listings that prospective tenants can easily click through. If you visit our site, you’ll see several homes for rent, and it’s easy to scroll through them. Tenants can look at the pictures, view the details, and then they have the opportunity to contact us or even apply. They can also schedule an appointment through our online showing software.

Marketing Rental Property with Matterport and Virtual Tours

We also like to use Matterport to provide an online virtual tour. This gives tenants an incredible opportunity to really see the property. There’s a dollhouse effect to this software, so tenants can zoom into the property and take a look at each room. In the kitchen, you can turn the angle and see all of the appliances and the floors. You can spin around the view, and turn it upside down. This gives people the ability to see the house from many different directions.

Tenants appreciate this because they can get an idea of how their furniture will fit. They can go into the garage and see how many cars will fit. There are interesting things to see and experience when they look at your property on our website. Tenants can even look in the bedroom closets and visit each bathroom. They can tell if the home is clean, from ceiling to floor. It’s easy for prospective tenants to decide whether they want to visit the property.

We offer this service free to the owners who work with us, as part of our marketing plan.

Marketing Rental Property Online: Additional Resources

In addition to our website, we use rental sites like HotPads and Zillow. We also use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which gives other agents the opportunity to find our listings and show those properties to their clients.

When you want to market your property, this is one way to do so. If you work with us, it’s how we take care of your advertising.  

We are licensed brokers and property managers in Florida. If you have any questions or need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Cavalier Estates.