We provide rental property services for owners living out-of-town, for busy building owners, retiring landlords, and homeowners that just need some advice.  We tailor flexible rental property services to fit most situations, and this lets us stand above our competition.



  1. Our average tenant stays 3 years!  Imagine the leasing commissions you’ll save by having the right tenant stay vs. needing to find a new tenant every year.
  2. We’ve been in business for over 15 years.
  3. We’re members of NARPM and the Hillsborough Association of Realtors.
  4. You can call our Express Owners Hotline, 24/7 and we will answer, even if it’s in the middle of the night.
  5. Your property is advertised on 50+ rental websites including Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, the MLS and more, ensuring the largest available pool of tenants, therefore increasing tenant quality.
  6. Every tenant will be thoroughly screened including the following checks: background, criminal, eviction, employment, credit, bankruptcy, terrorist watch list, and more to protect you.
  7. We conduct thorough move in and move out inspections for you.
  8. Tenants can easily pay rent online and schedule repair requests.
  9. We’re available to advise our clients with property acquisition and disposition services.
  10. Our fees are straightforward and we offer a flat-rate management fee.
Cavalier Estates manages single family homes in Tampa and the surrounding bay area, and today we want to share our elevator speech. If you watch our video that goes with this blog, you’ll see that I’m actually talking to you...
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Property management software helps us to manage your home more efficiently and effectively. We work with Appfolio, which is totally integrated with the reports we run for owners, tenants, and vendors. Our software helps us to do a number of...
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At Cavalier Estates, we didn’t always do home inspections. We do them routinely now, however, because we have found that they are beneficial. They help us, our tenants, and our owners. We use a third party company called On Site...
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Has your landlord told you to pay with cash? Be careful. There are a lot of scams out there, and cash makes it easy for people to get away with illegal activities. There’s no way to trace it or get...
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Rental applications are important to your tenant screening process. You have a house that’s a big, expensive asset. When you choose a tenant, you’re moving someone in to live there and keep it maintained. You want your tenants to take...
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Rental property owners often ask us how to market properties. If they want to hire us, they want to know what we do to get their listing in front of prospective tenants. Today, we’re talking about how we market your...
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All property owners want to encourage their best tenants to stay in the home, pay their rent on time and take good care of the property while they are living there. At Cavalier Estates, we like to offer incentives to...
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Most landlords have late fees they charge when a tenant is late with rent. That’s a good policy, but what is more important than late fees is getting your rent paid as soon as possible. You need to have a...
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Lots of property owners get nervous during discussions on pets. The idea of having live animals such as dogs, cats, birds, snakes, fish and small rodents crawling around your house can certainly make you uneasy. However, there are often benefits...
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Today we’re talking about what the 2015 rental market looks like for us in Florida, specifically in the Tampa Bay area. At Cavalier Estates, we have seen a couple of things that we think are quite interesting. Let’s start by...
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